Aim and Objectives

The aim of the society is to create multifaceted educational program in the area of education, sport education and physical education. For the purpose of attaining the above aim the following objectives are to be given specific attention:

  • To train and educate people interested in developing, improving and maintenance of health and fitness.
  • To promote establishment of partnership with industries, NGOs working in the areas of sport, Government, National Federations, State Associations and Educational Institutions.
  • To establish and coordinate different activities with international agencies promoting sport.
  • To share information on key issues, discuss and promote broad based National Strategy (NS) in sport promotion.
  • To practically implement the slogan “Sports For All” and “Sports & Education For All.”
  • To provide systematic and scientific knowledge to impart exercise regimes to the aspirants with greater satisfaction and safety.
  • Through a structural planning process, the LSEWS wishes to provide all eligible athletes with career and education services, which will assist them in maintaining high level of sporting performance without forgoing the vital career development.