Professional Consultancy

The LSEWS would like to assist and support to other organization in the following ways:

  1. Assist in hunting the right talents in all sport by applying scientific investigations and regular evaluations.
  2. Assist in reducing the drop-out in sport.
  3. Assist in retaining the talents for many years.
  4. Help in developing and maintaining top form of fitness, through-
  5. a. Investigation
    b. Evaluation
    c. Remedial measures i.e.,

    – Dietary Pattern
    – Lifestyle Pattern
    – Recovery Process (Physical, Psychological, Medical Recovery)

  6. Assist in the area of R&D
  7. Assist in development of local resources by conducting workshops/clinics in these following ares:
  8. a. Fitness, Health & Wellness
    b. Psychological Approach
    c. Biomechanical approach
    d. Systematic Approach to recovery

As we understand that the coaches rarely get opportunities to professionally equip themselves with the latest trends, techniques and methodology of training. This is partly due to non-acceptance of technological assistance, lack of access of scientific literature and exchange of point of views with experts, their laxity in understanding the complexity of training methodology and partly the negligence from the authorities and most importantly non-availability of agencies for consultations.

By associating with us, you can always look forward to attain your goals and make a significant impact in the life of general people too, so as to, improve productivity and decreased geriatric care substantially.