Orientation Course for Physical Education Teachers

Syllabus for Orientation Course for Physical Education Teachers

Part -1 (Theory)

  • Unit 1. Recent trends in physical education
  • Unit 2. Changes in rules of sports and games
  • Unit 3. Health, Fitness and Wellness
  • Unit 4. Obesity and Weight Management
  • Unit 5. First Aid and bandages
  • Unit 6. Introduction to volunteers program

Part B (Practical)

  • Unit 1. Endurance workshop
  • Unit 2. Strength Testing Workshop
  • Unit 3. Power Testing Workshop
  • Unit 4. Speed Testing Workshop
  • Unit 5. Flexibility Testing Workshop
  • Unit 6. Coordibility Testing Workshop
  • Unit 7. Practical approach to display activities – Yoga, Aerobics (Dance and Step), Gymnastic Pyramid, Recreational Games, Drills and Plyometrics.
Note: The course is distributed in 30:70 ratio, of which 30% will be theory and 70% wil be practical classes in the form of Workshop. Hence, approach of our teaching and training will be to conceive a basic theoretical understanding blended with strong practical foundations for future implementation.