Certificate Course in Fitness and Gym Instructor


UNIT-I: Foundations of Exercise, Prescription & Weight Control

  1. Meaning, forms and types of exercise, Mode of exercise.
  2. Concept of Training and fitness, Health related fitness, Components of fitness, Specificity of training effect, Retraining and Maintenance of training.
  3. The exercise prescription, quantity and quality of the exercise program, Warm up and limbering down.
  4. Concept of body composition, Somato type and physical activity, Body weight control, Obesity, Energy Balance and weight control, ACSM guidelines for weight loss.

UNIT-II: Foundations of Weight Training & Circuit Training (Strength & Flexibility)

  1. Meaning, types and forms of weight training, Mode of weight training, Principles of weight training.
  2. Meaning, Definitions, Forms and Methods to develop strength and endurance
  3. Loading Procedures with respect to weekly training programme.
  4. Concept of circuit training.
  5. Weight training for different body parts using different gym equipment and facilities. (1 Th.+2pr.)

UNIT-III: Foundations of Fitness Sciences

  1. The Muscular System: Structure of the muscles; Different types of muscles; Functions of the muscles; Physical and clinical change in the muscular activity; Effect of exercise on the muscular system; Fatigue, Staleness, Muscle Cramp, Muscle Pull
  2. The Circulatory System: General arrangement of circulatory system; Functions of the circulatory system, Pulse, Effect of exercise on circulatory system, (P) Judgment of Pulse Rate (P) in brief.
  3. The Respiratory System: anatomy of respiratory system, mechanics of respiration, vital capacity, role of oxygen in exercise on the respiratory system (in brief)
  4. The Skeleton System: Structure of classification and functions of Bone, Joints, Ligaments Movement around different types of Joints.

UNIT-IV: Sports Medicine, First Aid and Safety Management

  1. Soft tissue injuries – Sprain, Strain, Cramp, Abbression sign and symptoms, prevention, cause and first aid treatment.
  2. Lower Back pain, Knees; shoulders, wrists and ankle joint pain causes, sign & symptoms, prevention, first aid treatment.
  3. First aid and safety management in gym.
  4. ABCD & H of first aid, Recovery Position, CPR .

UNIT-V: Nutrition and Exercise

  1. Diet Prescription: Nutritional Value and requirement of food in relation to exercise, Malnutrition and obesity causes, effect, prevention and treatment, Harmful effects of nutritional ergogenic aids.

UNIT-VI: Management of Fitness Facility

  1. Customer Care: Public relation, phone handling, guest satisfaction, language, etiquettes, and maintenance of records.
  2. Classroom Management: Preparation for the class, grouping of participants, time schedule.
  3. Facility: Set-up and placement of equipments, list of equipments to be introduced, mechanical functioning of the equipments, wear, tear and maintenance of facilities in a gym.
Note: The course is distributed in 30:70 ratio, of which 30% will be theory and 70% wil be practical classes in the form of Workshop. Hence, approach of our teaching and training will be to conceive a basic theoretical understanding blended with strong practical foundations for future implementation.